We assessed the overall Singularity Score of the MSCI All Country World, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq Composite, and other equity indices and benchmarked them against the Singularity Strategy.

Almost no other industry is as driven and characterized by buzzwords as the technology sector. Our Singularity Think Tank fellows are there to help us maneuver linguistic traps and false perception.

From cultured meat to cultured everything. Our CEO Evelyne Pflugi — who is also a Food Science Engineer — brings the next big evolution to the table: synthetic biology.

Kris Verburgh, MD, evaluated the pandemic for us back in March 2020. His observations are as relevant as ever. Read which role nutrition and the meat industry play to prevent and fight viruses like Covid-19.

Is nuclear fusion the most overlooked and misunderstood new energy solution? Might it be key for tackling the climate change challenge? We hosted a roundtable with experts to clarify.

China’s latest cybersecurity regulations reflect Beijing’s wider policy aims, and are a development to watch going forward. Our investment strategy helps us navigate the uncertainty — our Head of Research and CIO explore.

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

Will Artificial Intelligence remain the revenue engine of 21st century advertising?

By our Singularity Think Tank expert Lars Jaeger.

Singularity Think Tank expert Lars Jaeger

Our experts’ take on the Coinbase IPO and how we aim to identify future blockchain applications in global equity.

Hydrogen is back in focus as a clean energy component. We gathered our Innovation Think Tank and collected initial thoughts on the matter.

Seeking Singularity

Tracking the future of exponential innovations.

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